Updating to WordPress version 4.4 display photo

WordPress v4.4.1 – Why you should update now!

Ever wondered why you should always wait a little to update your WordPress website after a big release?

Much like any new update, whether it’s from Apple, Microsoft or in this case WordPress, it always takes a couple weeks for users to help locate bugs and other issues with the new release.

WordPress had recently added a new addition to their update list with version 4.4 however, today they’ve released a security update with an urgent plea for users to transition from earlier versions to v4.4.1.

WordPress versions 4.4 and earlier are affected by a cross-site scripting vulnerability that could allow a site to be compromised. This was reported by Crtc4L.

But it’s not all doom and gloom with this release, there were also a number of non-security bug fixes that are sure to make most users smile:

  • WordPress websites can now support Emojis with the update including all of the latest emoji characters. That also means the new diverse emoji range is included too! ??????
  • There has also been a break through with some sites operating older versions of OpenSSL where their systems were unable to transmit messages to other services provided through a number of WordPress plugins.
  • The WordPress team have also fixed a pesky bug that redirected users to the wrong post if a post URL was re-used.

All up, the new WordPress update 4.4.1 has fixes a staggering 52 bugs from it’s predecessor version 4.4, which helps us reiterate that waiting a week or two to update your WordPress website can really help smooth the process. If you’re looking for more information about the new update, be sure to check out the release notes or visit the list of changes.

If you’re unsure how to update your WordPress website, you can Download WordPress 4.4.1 and update it manually or simply venture over to your website’s Dashboard → Updates and select “Update Now.” If you’re still having trouble, contact us here at DeeperLook Brisbane WordPress Web Design and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with your update.