WordPress security display photo

iThemes Security Pro’s Two-Factor Authentication to All Your WordPress Sites

iThemes announced this morning that its new-to-the-market Security Pro plugin has just received an impressive upgrade. An upgrade that will set it miles in front of any other security plugin on the market and making your WordPress website even more secure than ever before.

iThemes was quick to mention that its most requested feature from users of the iTheme Security Pro plugin was a two-factor authentication login process.

With the two-factor authentication login process, users are required to enter both a password AND a second code that is sent to their device, like a smartphone, before they can log in to their WordPress site. Both the password and the code are required to log in to a user account, adding an extra layer of security that verifies it’s actually you logging in and not someone who gained access (or even guessed) your password.

iTheme's WordPress Two Auth Login example

You can visit the iTheme Security Pro plugin blog for more information on iTheme’s impressive new update and how to use it on your WordPress Website!